MIDI Controller complementing SL88 Studio

Hi there,

I am using a Studio Logic SL88 Studio as my main keyboard with Gig Performer. Sometimes I am missing at least a few controls for manipulating the sound live (some knobs would really have been nice on the SL88). I am now looking for a small MIDI controller for that. Any ideas/suggestions? What are you using?


I use a small Behringer X-Touch mini, it’s reliable, not expensive, not too big, 8 pushable rotary encoders with LED ring, two rows of 8 buttons, and it works really well with Gig Performer and bidirectional midi.

Edit: The only flaw is that the configuration software exists for windows only.

How do make the LED rings of the rotary controllers show the current value of a Gig Performer widget?

You’d just need to enable the “sync” option in the midi tab of the widget. Works like a charm!


I second the x-touch mini it is great with GP. I had the Korg nanoKontrol2 but the x-touch with the encoders and led rings is so much better when synced with GP widgets.

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Why not use the Mixface from Studiologic?

I use it with the Numa x Piano for Gigperformer.

Would be nice as well, but aside from the buttons, none of the controls (knobs nor faders) will be able to show the actual state of widgets (lacking bidirectionality).

That’s right :slight_smile: For me it’s ok, because I don’t need this feedback. Only for the Buttons for click and Backing or Leslie or sound on/off!

That’s what I did, I have one studio (home) and the grand (rehearsal) just a couple weeks and thought the MixFace is the best match; but it’s not useful live because it has not Motor faders.

I am now looking for a controller with motor faders and not sure if X-touch or icon M+ or another one…

It needs to find place on the studiologic device (left from the center knob).

The synchro with GP is very important (as easy as possible.)

If you are in Germany you can buy my MixFace, it’s new.

Sorry, wrong link, it should be for @RoesslerWolfgang :wink:

Motor faders are nice but will add to the cost of a controller. While I do prefer faders vs knobs I find encoders to be the best alternative as they are always in sync with an associated widget and with led rings on the x-touch mini giving visual feedback it works well for me.

That’s why a replaced the nanoKontrol2, always needing to find the “catch” spot was annoying and “jump” can really be a disaster on stage. I had one rackspace that somehow I had set to jump instead of catch and man did I turn some heads when I switched to that rackspace and the fader was at max!

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God advice!
Is it possible with the mini to control more as 8 channels?

It has 8 encoders but two “layers” so you have 16 switching between layers A and B. It also has one fader that is useful for a master level, but like already discussed it can’t be synced but is still useful.

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