Midi Control of second Instance

Hello. I’ve a main Instance were I put in all amp sims effects etc. and I’ve created a second sim, that contains only backing tracks. When I open this aecond instance, I’m not able to route a midi command with my controller. I’d like to control the play/stop of instance two (audio file player). For each backing track I’ve created a song, so I like to route midi command for next/previous song.

Is this possible and how does this work. Thanks!

You should be able to map your controller in the 2nd instance in the global midi preferences or the 2nd instance.

Could not figure that out. Global settings only affect the first instance. So I can route the midi controller in global to play/stop button. But it works only on instance one.

Did your create 2nd instance and launch this 2nd instance from the menu in the 1st instance?
Then when the 2nd instance is started just select the menu for the 2nd instance and go to the global midi options and learn your controller.

Created a new instance from the first and it opens. In the global menu settings of instant two there are the routings of instant 1.

Global settings are not “global” for every instance, but only for the current one.

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Maybe, but you should be able to change that.

I will try it. Thanks.

Should not, but seems so. I will try it again.

I have to say that it is the same controller for instance 1 and 2. When I dissable the controller on instance 1 and deactivate and activate it in instance 2, the midi signal is coming in. But now when I activate the controller on instance 1 again. No incoming midi on instance 1. Could this be the problem that I can only use one controller in each instance. I use win10

This could be a reason for that.
On Mac you can use the same controller in different applications, seems in windows this is not possible out of the box.

Oh no thats not good! Is there a way to solve that.

There are some different ways to synch the 2 instances.
What to you want to achieve in detail?

With the use of a virtual midi cable you could send out PC message from the 1st instance to the 2nd.
This way when you navigate to a rackspace in the 1st instance the corresponding rackspace in the 2nd instance is changed via a PC message (you know each variation can be assigned a unique PC number).

Solved the problem. In Win10 you can use only one midi controller per instance. I found another thread here were this problem was already in discussion. The solution is to use the free program loopBe1. In the second instance you set this virtual midi controller as the midi controller. So you send midi messages from the first instance to the second. Now I can set even the global settings in the second instance. I thougt it does not work, but I figured out, that you have to clear the settings of the first instance which are routed to the midi controller. And you have to create a midi in in the first instance and route it to the midi out with the loopbe1.

Thanks for advise. Maybe someone else have the same problem with win10. Good night!!!


Loopbe1 is also mentioned on the website of GP. https://gigperformer.com/how-to-create-two-gig-performer-instances-with-single-client-asio-driver-on-windows/

is there a way to control widgets of front panel in second instance with the same midi controler as in the first instance ?

With multi client MIDI this is possible.
Or with direkt OSC also.

You can consider this: Sending MIDI from one device to multiple programs

Or this
Master.gig (23.5 KB)
Slave.gig (23.6 KB)

Load there Master.gig in your normal Gig performer instance
Open the 2nd instance and load the Slave.gig

In the OSC Options of the 2nd instance set the listening port to 9000.

In the OSC options you have to enable OSC support in both instances.

Now when you move the widget in the main instance then the widget in the 2nd instance is moved also.
Just learn your MIDI Controller to the widget in the main instance and when you move your controller the widget in the 2nd instance is moved also

I’ll try at the weekend. Thanks a lot