MIDI clock questions

Am I missing it but it appears GP4 cannot act as a Master MIDI clock (and MIDI start/stop) output, so I need to use an external instrument or a VST plugin to produce a MIDI clock. Any plans to add this feature.

Any chance to use LINK?

I thought that was for Ableton, which I don’t use (yet).

Many other software is using LINK, many on iPad for example.

Except I’m trying to avoid using additional external software. Just GP and my HW. I’ll use my TR-8S as the master clock/start/stop but it would be a nice feature to have GP act as a clock/start/stop. Not familiar with LINK but I’ll research.

We support MIDI Clock as a slave but generating as Master is on our list.


Hey Jeremy, Like you I am keen to have midi clock out implemented asap. It defeats the object of buying GP-4 if you have to use another DAW ie Ableton with link to midi sync external hardware.

Yeah, I currently use an external HW clock from my TR-8S but would prefer to not have to always use an external clock every time. Master clock with start/stop from GP would be an excellent addition.

I got a simple Max Patch and it is working fine!

Now one could read the BPM in GP and set the tempo in the Max Patch and the max patch sends out the clock

And with the start of the global play the max patch is started.

This way GP could act as a clock Master.

That is not yet implemented but come back with results.

Max Runtime I think is free, so you could use my patch

I think the new Max setup is that there’s no separate “runtime” version anymore. Instead it’s all the same thing and it will run as full Max for 30 days then fall back into a “free” mode that will let you run patches but not edit or save new ones. So I think you get the same free functionality as before, except there’s no separate “Runtime” version.

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I think the 30 days are full and then it is only runtime.
But have to check.

I was curious how to implement such a functionality.
Right now I can start MIDI Clock from the global playhead.

Do you have a clue how I can separate 122 from this message
“/Tempo 122”

Select is not working, I do not remember the correct object.

Now I got it

And this is the gig script

var mOSC_Start : OSCMessage
    mOSC_Stop  : OSCMessage

 OSC_SetAddress(mOSC_Start, "/Start")
 OSC_SetAddress(mOSC_Start, "/Stop")

On SystemEvent(newValue : double) Matching PlayheadStateChanged
 if newValue == 1.0 then
        OSC_SendIntegerSpecific("/Tempo", Round(GetBPM()), "", 8011) 

    OSC_SendIntegerSpecific("/Start", 1, "", 8010)
    OSC_SendIntegerSpecific("/Start", 0, "", 8010)

I can set the tempo in GP and start playhead and now GP reacts on Midi Clock and the Max Patch sends MIDI Clock to midiout b (This is a setup in Max)

MidiClock.maxpat (11.1 KB)


The free Pure Data (Pd) has similar options. I found someone who had built a patch to send midi clock, with a basic GUI.

The “L” button is a midi learn, so once learnt, you can change the tempo from GP using a CC message sent via a virtual midi port.


Patch: [metromidi~} Metronome/MIDI clock source | PURE DATA forum~
Pd Install: http://puredata.info/downloads/pure-data

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Stable MIDI Clock across multiple devices is the holy grail for live performance, particularly if multiple performers are relying on the clock.

MIDI Clock is notoriously unstable, hence the success of contemporary sync methods such as Link or apps which re-clock unstable clock streams by using superior averaging techniques. But plenty of live performers don’t use Ableton, so robust MIDI Clock support should remain standard for GP even if generating master clock doesn’t happen.

I’ve always found best results by using a hardware master MIDI Clock.

In one of my current bands, we use a Boss RC-202 as master MIDI Clock, to which we sync 4 x RC-505 loopers, 2 x VoiceLive Touch 2 loopers, GP4 on a Win 10 laptop and 5 x iPads (samplers, instruments, Loopy HD). Rock solid sync, provided we start the RC-202 & the 4 x RC-505 in the correct manner.

Michael Tyson, the Australian developer of Loopy HD and Audiobus (both on iOS) is a master with MIDI Clock syncing. He made an open source MIDI Clock sync engine he called The Spectacular Sync Engine.

GitHub - michaeltyson/TheSpectacularSyncEngine: MIDI sync for iOS.

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I, too, would love it if GP could act as a master clock.

For now, I am using Standard Midi Files generated using Logic that contain F8 clock messages (24 times per quarter note). I am syncing Gig Performers audio player (backing tracks) with the midi player (sending CC info to devices to change presets synced to the audio tracks) using the ideas @pianopaul provided (excellent stuff).

I want to be able to send the clock info to my Boomerang III so I can sync live looping with my audio files (and midi file tempo).

I am getting ready for a weekend gig so don’t have time to get the looping to work right now, but I see two possible things to try:

  1. use midi notes (24 per quarter note) in the midi file and then use my Midi Solutions Event Processor to map the midi notes to clock.
  2. map the SMP to send clock directly to the Boomerang looper.

Here is additional info I’ve found regarding possible solutions until Gig Performer can act as a master clock:



I have just bought the Disaster Area Micro Clock which is sending midi clock successfully over usb to GP I have been trying to send the same clock out of GP to my external effects via din midi and usb with no success. I have the latest version of GP am I missing something? I have used the appropriate midi ins and outs in GP, this is extremely frustrating. All my other DAWs are allowing me to do this.

Is there a work around to get GP to pass through the clock from the micro clock?


Why does the clock need to go through GP? Are you not able to route it to the external effects directly?

EDIT: it appears as though the pedal has a multi jack that will also send out midi clock. If you had the adapter for that (TRS to midi din) you could connect the pedal directly to your external effects.

Thanks rank13, I am waiting for the TRS to midi cables to arrive. I just wanted to see if it was possible to pass the clock through GP to simplify cabling to and from my pedalboard.

The other reason I need the clock to pass through GP is that I am sending midi information via USB to other external midi gear. If GP was able to output clock I would not have any of these issues none the other DAWs I use cause me the same problems.

I really do like and enjoy GP but the lack of clocking is causing me real headaches.

It is on our list but I just can’t say when it will show up.