MIDI CC numbers for organ stops

Looking for what MIDI control numbers people generally use to assign the nine organ stops (for B3 type organs).
Pretty basic question, but interested to see what users… use. :wink:

Both my Keylab 61 and Novation Impluse 61 have 9 faders each. Perfect.

I use whatever their native CC assignments are. That’s the beauty of the “Learn” function!

Some people “invert” the controls to mimic pulling out the drawbars…but that’s too confusing for me since I use the faders for other controls as well.

Should be irrelevant. Associate widgets with the parameters and then have the widgets learn whatever CC messages come out of your controller. You should never associate MIDI CC messages directly with plugin controls.


You are absolutely correct. I was going to hook up an external midi fader controller (Special Waves Mine S) to my laptop and wanted to be sure what it used wasn’t going to interfere with any other midi functions elsewhere (if a slider default was set to #CC 7 for example). Just curious if there were unofficial midi controls set for stops with organ VSTs.

First, pretty much every VST that supports MIDI control of parameters lets you learn them - I’d say the defaults will be different for every developer - there’s nothing in the MIDI spec about this. It’s too instrument specific.

As for that slider default you mention, remember that assignments include the port (MIDI device) so a #CC7 coming from one device will not interfere with a #CC7 coming from another device so if your surface is sending CC7s into GP for controlling widgets associated with drawbars, there won’t be any issue with CC7 coming from other devices like your keyboard volume pedal, say.


Just to clarify, the only CC messages that are treated special by Gig Performer are CC64 (because of patch persist) and CC0/CC32 (for bank select).

GP doesn’t care about any other messages.


I’ve used several organ controllers and VSTs. The commonality between them all tends to be upper manual drawbar controls which are CC12 - CC20. However from there it diverges, some controllers get channel specific for lower manual (ch2), others keep ascending values or jump CC values to another range. Also depends if the controllers have an A# B set of drawbars per manual. The only constant I have found is the upper manual drawbars but I haven’t played every organ controller known to man either.

That being said… while you can do direct midi control to VSTs in Gig Performer… you really shouldn’t. You’re leaving a lot of functionality off the table if you do.

Make a set of drawbar widgets and learn these to the midi CC numbers your controller is by default sending out, then learn them to the drawbars in your VST. All of this can be done from the widget editing page.

You end up with control of the organ and it’s not dependent on midi information past your interface.