Midi but no sound

New to hig performer and can’t get started.

I’m setting up a vst.

Create midi in from my keylab

Create vst plugin

Connect from midi in to plugin

Open plugin and midi triggering is showing

Connect plugin to audio out ( Audient evo4)

No sound in headphones

If I hit the metronome button I can hear it.

Any suggestions? I’ve only got 13 days left to try this thing!

Hi @JP75, can you see the output meters at the bottom of GP showing a signal when you play?

Have you tried some of the included templates?


What interface are you using? If you can hear the metronome, then my bet is your audio interface routing is wrong.

Please post screen shot of your wiring view

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Thanks for your help. I looked at a template as suggested (doh!) and realise I had the wrong audio out from my plugin. Now to work out the rest of it!