Midi bluetooth LE Connection to PC

I want to send Midi over bluetooth LE to GigPerformer 4 on my PC. I don’t think GP4 recognizes Midi Bluetooth. Does anyone have any suggestions.

The app I want to use on my iPhone is Midi Motion app which uses Midi Bluetooth LE.

This is not the job of GP, but of the OS or of a bluetooth BLE driver. AS far as I know Windows doesn’t support MIDI Bluetooth LE, but there is a third party piece of software which could help:

Once you will have a MIDI port receiving MIDI Bluetooth, GP will use it as any other MIDI port.

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As usual, thanks for the prompt reply. I will check that out and report back to you. If we don’t speak before the holidays, I wish you a safe and pleasant holiday.


That’s important, thank you, because I didn’t test this myself. :wink:

MIDI Bluetooth LE has been supported by Windows for five years or so but Windows requires the app to implement Universal Windows Platform (UWP) MIDI API. Cakewalk has supported the UWP MIDI API from the beginning. MIDIBerry(even the paid version) seems to be buggy, and it requires another midi app. I use a hardware solution; WIDI Bud Pro. Works very well, but I admit that having Cakewalk recognize my Bluetooth MIDI devices directly as in the uploaded pic is pretty sweet just like my MBP. I hope GP would consider implementing the UWP MIDI API.

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Seems somewhat buggy. I think I had it kind of working for a second, and the midi monitor in the app showed activity, as well as GP4’s Global Midi Monitor. However I have not got it to work since and the app keeps crashing.

Then you will probably have to go for a CME WIDI Bud Pro dongle.

Yes Olive, it was posted earlier that it is not the job of GigPerformer to implement something that is considered a pc or hardware situation. Guess we can’t have it all! I have been building a midi breath controller, of which I have a few DIY projects on YouTube, either using an Arduino board or a Scamp 3 board. Unable to purchase a 350.00 TeControl which is out of my budget. How ever I run into problem after problem, well I figured I would stick with the Arduino and a pressure sensor which only supports the blow function. I wanted to do a different project I saw by Synth Hacker, which had a dual sensor, but cannot find the sensor available anywhere. So I figured if I could use the iPhone app to utilize one or two of the cc functions, that would work! However seeing that I would need another 70.00 USB Midi dongle, keeps me wondering how far off from just buying the real thing is. Even though I can’t afford it, saving 50 to 100 dollars and time to build my own is becoming very discouraging. Thanks for your input. I will keep it on the back burner. Happy Holidays.

I neglected to ask you Olive, if you are using a breath controller, and I assume you are using your iPhone for your connection, which is bluetooth LE midi. Do you use any MPE instruments?

Also wondering whether you bought the USB version or the WidiThruXT version, and how you incorporate it.

Yes, I have both the U6 MIDI Pro (USB) and the WIDI Thru6BT plus just about all other midi devices that CME Pro has produced. I suggested to them that they look into making a midi melodica (as a breath controlled keyboard). I bet every keyboard player will want one. Look for some Hammond players who play the Hammond 44(a melodica) on YT. Anyway, I think CME-Pro can easily do it as long as there is enough interest out there. Currently they are working on a wireless audio system for instrumentalists. They are working towards a system that can toggle between mono and stereo. It can be a significant project for them. I looked into getting a Linnstrument but after talking to someone on this forum who is very knowledgeable about MIDI controllers, I decided to not get one.

I play a pseudo breath controller; midi accordions and digital accordions besides the keyboard. I do have a breath controller. Inicio
As for my old iPhone laying around in the house, Bome Network sees all my computers Windows, Mac, and other devices as midi devices. It sure gets rid of lots of midi cables.

Thanks to the enormous capabilities and flexibility of Gig Performer, I’ve been considering selling all my midi modules. If Deskew Technologies decides to implement the UWP MIDI API, one less piece of hardware to fiddle with as far as Windows users are concerned. Gig Performer is perfect as is for me, but it might add even more value to it as more and more midi instrumentalists use Bluetooth MIDI.

This Windows 10 UWP MIDI API allegedly allows MIDI devices to be used multi-client. Did anybody try this?

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