MIDI/Audio Interface suggestion/recommendation

Looking into getting GP5. Current setup will be 3-4 hardware synths (2-3 keyboards, 1 racked synth). Want an interface for D/A for any VSTs I start using in GP, but also minimum 3 MIDI ins to be able to have any hardware keyboard control the VSTs and/or the racked synth (or possible any of the other hardware synths).
Does anyone else have a similar setup? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Do you only need MIDI In from your hardware keyboards or do you need to be able to control your hardware keyboards from other hardware keyboards (and from GP) as well?

If the former, perhaps look at the Kenton Merge-4 product and have each hardware keyboard transmit on a different MIDI channel.
If the latter, then the only hardware with which I’m familiar are the MOTU products.

The only other way you could do this is to have individual MIDI DIN-USB cables and then use a USB hub to connect them all to your laptop - that would also give you full bidirectional control with Gig Performer managing everything

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You might take a look at iconnectivity’s products. These two seem to do what you need.

Without notion of budget, it is difficult to answer this question. I use an RME UCX + ADAT 8200 Ultragain which would make it possible to fully control the audio part of all your synths and plugin within GP. Additionnaly you need to have one MIDI IN & one MIDI OUT port per synth (only a MIDI OUT if it if a rack synth). Some synth have a built-in USB-MIDI that you simply have to plug into your computer, for others you need a MIDI-DIN-to-USB interface. Keep the MIDI part as basic as possible as GP can do more easily all the routing and/or MIDI filtering stuffs.

I was thinking of at least 3 MIDI ins so that any of three hardware synths could send MIDI to any of the other synths or VST in GP. I think the interface would only need 1 MIDI out which would be send to all of the hardware synths IN->THRU Next synth … etc. I would assume an interface with multiple MIDI Ins might have a few Outs, but I’d only really need 1. And as far as mentioned in pref response, the MIDI merge is a nice idea but does not address the need for D/A out from GP/Laptop to FOH for any VST I might eventual host in GP.

I should also mention that the rack synth (Korg Wavestation SR) is old enough to only have 5 pin DIN MIDI. The other three hardware synths might have USB but I am old school and, at first thought, would stick with 5 Pin DIN :slight_smile:

Thanks. I have been looking at iConnectivity. These two mentioned here (AUDIO4c, PlayAUDIO1U) look nice but don’t seem to have multiple MIDI In connections. Maybe I may have to go the route of an interface with 1 MIDI in, and a MIDI Merge box to be able to connect multiple hardware synths.

I see the iConnectivity mioXM. Nice. Multi MIDI IN. No D/A output. And does anyone have ssues with iConnectivity products on PC (Windows)? Seems a lot of their marketing stuff talks about iOS and apple’s OS

Perhaps it’s time to graduate :slight_smile: I see reports from time to time about people complaining that USB fails but I find such reports to be anecdotal. A decent USB system works very well.

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If you only need one 5-pin midi port for your Korg and your other keyboards have usb-midi the PlayAudio1U should work, as you can connect a usb hub to its usb host port at the front. USB-MIDI is reliable these days.

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Yes, with the mioXM you need an additional audio interface. If you go that route there are a lot of products to consider. The ESI M4/M8 midi interfaces e.g.
If you want to be really fancy you could use the mioXM together with the PlayAudio 1U. The mio directly near the keyboards and connected to the PlayAudio with an Ethernet cable via the rtp midi port.

Having stumbled upon this thread (PlayAUDIO1U Audio Interface) I am not so sure about the audio side of the iconnectivity boxes. Maybe considering separate audio and midi interfaces is the better way.

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Yes trying to figure that out :slight_smile: A multi MIDI in and A/D D/A interface would be perfect for me. But I haven’t found that type of device. So maybe D/A interface w/ MIDI (1) and a MIDI Merge box to satisfy the multiple MIDI In requirement.

This is the old fashioned way, using different MIDI channels to address the different synths. Again, my advice is to have one MIDI IN and one MIDI OUT port per synth. This will give you the maximum flexibility. You will be able to do things you cannot think of right now… or you wouldn’t follow the chained DIN5 way. Todays PC/MAC don’t have DIN5, so at then end you will need USB.