MIDI Assigning....what am I missing?

HI all,

So, I mapped my Variations >> to a button on my Novation (works fine), but whenever I press the Aux Controller Pedal on my M-Audio that moves the variation forward as well.

I went to Options>General>Global MIDI…cleared all the assignments and re-assigned. Then I went to Rig Manager and checked to make sure all the assignments were correct. Nada.

I have to be missing something stupid.

FWIW: Novation Button Controller 113 / Channel 1
M-Audio Pedal: Controller 67 / Channel 1


Have a look in ‘Window > Show MIDI Assignments’.

It will provide a simple list of everything you have mapped, so may highlight the issue.

Thanks @rank13

OK - here is a pic of the assignments. The questions are:

  1. what is the difference between the 2 assignments that are conflicting (“Next Song Part” versus “Next Variation/Song Part”) ?
  2. Where can I find the setting for Next Song Part (the 1st one) so I can get rid of it? I do not see it in the Global MIDI Assignments window (see below…and no, when scrolling to the last 2 spots in that window it is not there).

Thanks so much!

go to the setlist tab



Thank you sir.

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