Microsoft to push 21H1 feature release

Unfortunately, Microsoft is going to start pushing Windows 10 2004 computers to version 21H1.
For this feature upgrade, I take it we should remove the Gig Performer license prior to the upgrade and then reapply the license after the upgrade?
I am currently on version 20H2.

I upgraded to 21H1 with no problems so far. I didn’t remove the license prior…but it is always a good idea to.

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I’m very, very careful about updates/feature upgrades, as many software/plugins/apps activations and their stability/functionality depend on these upgrades.

This is how I do it:

  • make a complete system backup image before the upgrade
  • upgrade
  • immediately disable WIndows Update after upgrade
  • Test thoroughly all my important applications for issues.
  • Once I’m satisfied, I make the full backup again (I want to preserve the stable environment).

I perform updates only when I have free time to cope with possible issues. So yes, I’m running the latest 21H1, all licenses are good and system is behaving well (so far so good).

// I’m also planning to try the next LTSC edition when it becomes available (these Windows editions are supported long-term). The common ones are called SAC releases (semi-annual channel).