Michael Whalen

Michael Whalen is a two times Emmy award-winning composer, music supervisor, recording artist and producer. He composed over 650 television and film scores and thousands of advertising jingles. His works are featured in places from TV shows to audiobooks.

Projects include the human trafficking film Cargo and short films for Disney. As a recording artist and producer, his solo piano recording “All the Things I Could Not Say” was released in 2013, and he performs in NYC frequently, where he is an adjunct professor at The City College of New York, and the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. Whalen is represented and published by Warner/Chappell Music. (learn more)

Michael is an early adopter of Gig Performer! In this interview from 2019 he stated:

One of the things I really love about Gig Performer is that it has given me a lot of shortcuts for things that took me months to do in the studio, so that I have them instantly available live. That means much more than simply switching sounds spontaneously. I like setting things up on the fly. For example, I might set up a channel or a controller or an envelope, or put in a recording and chop it up and process it, all while sitting onstage. The idea that I could have a system that would allow me to do that is amazing. Gig Performer gives me permission to respond to the music.

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In another interview, Michael said:

When I was working on my album “Sacred Spaces” in 2019 and 2020, I used Gig Performer as real time processing for synth textures and sound design for the mountain of new sounds I made for the project. Because it is made for live performance, the interface is fast, intuitive and bullet-proof. Gig Performer is a sound design resource which wants to move as fast or slowly as you want to go. In 2020, I started working on my jazz/fusion "mega-opus” “Future Shock” by using Gig Performer as essential sonic gate keeper on all the sounds I made with plug-ins and apps. Accessing the functionality you need as you need it is the secret to effective sound design. Great sounds happen fast. It is visceral. It is emotional. Gig Performer facilitates the process. It gives you choices and options.

See Michael in action:

Michael is interested to participate in a Backstage with Gig Performer show.
That will be interesting for another reason - Michael was Brett’s college professor! :slight_smile:

Homepage: https://www.michaelwhalen.com/


What a joy to hear these illustrious, timeless sounds, all in a judicious, highly organic musical arrangement.
It’s an impressive vision, a kit worthy of a synth museum! And what machines!
The rare GX1 alone is well worth a look (and an attentive ear).
I didn’t see (or hear) the time pass while watching this video.

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