MG2 - Spit MIDI data and Transpose only one?

What are some ways to use JamOrigin MG2 only to send MIDI data then spit the data?
Looks like there are several ways to use MG2 + GP4.

  1. MG2 as VST inside GP4
  2. MG2 Standalone → GP4 MIDI IN BLOCK
  3. GP4 OSC blocks

Trying to do this:
MIDI Path 1 -->VST
If possible, would like to use the midi IN Block because it has a lot of useful parameters.

You insert a MIDI In block, open it, and check the Enable MIDI merge button. An in port will appear on that block.
Then you can insert it in on one of the signals after MG2 and set the Transpose inside that block for that signal.

Example 17