Metronome volume widget volume not working

I can map a widget to output volume channel 3 ( where I have a physical out for click ), but it doesn’t sonically adjust the volume, the slider channel volume is mapped , learned , but doesn’t actually adjust the output volume

This is by design at this point. Metronome is completely separate from your
rackspace controls at the bottom. The value can only be adjusted in options at
this point.

Output volume channel 3

Did you notice this?

Ya but , I mapped a widget to the output volume 3 from the focusrite 2i4, which shows up as a learned parameter ,

The Metronome Volume goes to the output you set in preferences and the volume can only be controlled in the preferences.
This is the design of now.
No chance to influence this output volume with a mapped widget.

Ok, thanx for looking

You can set the metronome volume also with a wdget using scripting.

ClickVol : widget

On WidgetValueChanged (newValue : double) from ClickVol
    SetMetronomeVolume (newValue)

oboy , I’m sure an update is coming where it’s mappable

@LeeHarvey there is missing Var at the beginning so:

ClickVol : Widget
On WidgetValueChanged (newValue : double) from ClickVol SetMetronomeVolume (newValue)

edit: script is in this post with an example gig file @Wired :wink:

…and because the metronome at full volume will blow your ears off, here’s a scaled version where you can use the full range of a foot pedal, dial, slider etc.

Vscale : Double
ClickVol : Widget   
On WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from ClickVol
    Vscale = newValue/2