Metronome click timing issue

iPad Click (3.7 KB)

I just recorded full band multitrack including GP metronome output through DI. Once I imported my click track into a DAW to align it, I see that it does not align nicely (seems to drift a little). I created my own click samples, so this is possibly a user error on my part if I created my click sample start time poorly which I don’t think I did.

I confirmed that GP tempo matches my DAW tempo, but I would love to figure out a solution to get perfectly timed metronome. I attached my metronome sample and screenshot of misaligned click.

Did you just play the metronome click from GP and record that output in your DAW? It’s hard to say what resolution are we looking at and what is happening with your A/D D/A conversion because the signal will be doing that.
Are you synchronizing GP tempo via MIDI?

This was from live performance. I was sending click from GP to band, and we recorded all tracks from FOH.

here is metronome recorded track life cycle:

GP metronome converted to analog via audio interface
Sent from interface to Direct Box (still analog)
Sent to digital mixer via XLR (now digital)
recorded to Pro Tools from Mixer USB out (still digital)
File bounced from Pro Tools and copied to HD
Copied file from HD onto my machine
Dragged wav file from my machine into my DAW’s session

Would my VI/VST outs drift too?

This all depends on several moving factors. MIDI synching or not, sample rates, buffer sizes, conversions etc…
Gig Performer is a musician’s tool. Think of it like just another box that helps the musician to create the best possible sound for the song that’s being played.

Having said that - GP can record with sample accuracy so if you record 20 input channels with it - they will be sample locked and there is zero drift. You can just drag the recording into your DAW for post production, but the metronome is there to help the musician in the first place.

If you lower the buffer size in GP - the metronome recording may give you better results. Still depends on other factors, but here’s what I got after recording it with Logic. Fairly accurate.

Thank you for the reply. I am not too concerned about it, but mostly curious. I will do some more experimentation. I am curious about the integrity of the click sample I made. If you get a chance, could you take a look at it and see if I created it well enough or if it needs some work?

I did glance at it and it’s perfectly fine. I actually like it - it’s kind of sharp enough to cut through the noise while playing :slight_smile:

Absolutely. It works great for cutting through. Thanks.