Metallic Main Sound for Money For Nothing

Not sure if this if the correct forum location for this, but…

I am doing Money for Nothing for a fill in. I am not going to learn the intro.

So, really I only need the metallic sound (the organ seems simple enough). My research indicates the low metallic sound is the same “patch” as the higher up metallic chord stabs.

On one of the videos, they used (free, I believe) Dexed. So I could go that route.

But, before I do I figured I would ask here to see if you could lead me to a patch on one of my plugins which is close.

I have the full Syntronik II and V Collection (which includes DXV). (I also have Massive and Pigments.)

So, I am no sound designer. So, basically I am hoping for a preset in one of these that gets me (at least) most of the way there. (I did try to go through the presets, and hoping someone can get em closer than I have been able to get).

Or maybe there is a patch on the web?



Have a look at the videos from Cover and keyboard sounds. Dire Straits “Money For Nothing” (intro) With all of my DXs! - YouTube Hedge777

In one of the videos he linked to the SysExes he’s playing :slightly_smiling_face:

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More things to learn I guess.



I can’t find the SysEx video. Or do I have to be on Facebook for this?

Yes, I think he gives the link to all his files (synth presets, mostly maybe) on his Facebook page.

Could somebody post this link here?

I hope this helps:


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Thank you!

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