Melda Last day Sale

I’ve been looking in a cold sweat at Melda Production for some years. I’ve recently decided even their free bundle is incredibly powerful and a fantastic complement to what I’m doing with Gig Performer. I used it last year quite a bit in my six month run making new composite Gig Performer instruments from scratch.

MeldaProduction has a free version (some function limits with a bright red SHAME bar. I did deserve that bar.) There is also a significant modulation functionality (and comprehensive preset system) upgrade price for these 37 mostly interesting free plugins including their MCCGenerator plugin.

The superpower in the Melda plugins is this mind melting modulation system. I’m sure you can do this and more with GPscript but if coding is just not in your future… you might want to look at Melda’s VSTs.

They have a frankly bewildering array of plugins. It’s like what shopping for a Waves plugin would be, but from Plugin Boutique, in a Home Depot. Their jewel in the crown is their $1500(ish) MXXX everything including the kitchen sink plugin. If I’d known 7 years ago what I know now I think I would have just gotten it. It’s like $750 ish for another day.

They also have an atomized version MXXXcore for a tenth of the price. Various of their other plugins enable features in it.

If you’ve heard of MeldaProduction and reacted by biting your knuckle and widening your watering eyeballs like me, today is their last 50% off day of so-called Cyber season and the upgrade to their free package is like $28 right now, probably an outstanding entry point.

Also they track 70% of your previous purchase amount and let you control applying that discount to future purchases, which is pretty cool and they set a cap on your total spend with them after which you are in MeldaProduction download paradise for life.

YMMV I’m cracking the shrinkwrap on this one.