Match widgets to preset changes

It is easy to map a widget to a VST control: use the widget to change the VST control and sync changes to the VST control back to the Widget (eg Tremolo Rate).

After a VST preset change the VST control shows the correct value but the widget is not synced and shows the old value. As soon as you touch the VST control the widget will be synced and show the new value.

Is there a way to force the sync between the VST control and the widget?

May be this is a job for the professional scriptlet developers on this forum?

I added a gig with an AAS LL EP4 example. Open the VST (o/c button top left) and change to another preset: the widgets still show the old values. Also the display of the name of the 2 optional effects is not changing.
GP4 Widget Mapping.gig (624.2 KB)

When you move the parameter in the plugin the Widget is synced?

Just tested and mapped Tone Bar to a widget.
When I change the preset in AAS then the widget is moved correctly.

How to you recall a preset in Lounge Lizard?

Which version of Lounge Lizard are you using?

Which version of Gig Performer are you using?

I tested with GP4

i open LL and select the preset via the preset list from LL. The VST controls change but the widget is not changing. When I move a bit the VST control the widget jumps to the correct value

The same I do and the widget changes.

Try this:
LL.gig (8.2 KB)

Maybe reinclude Lounge Lizard?

GP4 on Mac Big Sur

With your gig it is working as expected — so what is the difference to my gig?

I built it from scratch.
Remove Lounge Lizard from your gig and include it again and map the widget.

Or not so massive work :wink:

Relearn the widget.

Will do and report back.

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I have used your gig and added one widget — works as expected.

i have deleted LL from my gig and add it again and mapped the Hammer / Fork / Amp controls ----- NOT working !! :crazy_face:

I added both gigs with the done changes:

GP4 Widget Mapping(2).gig (623.7 KB)

LL(2).gig (38.9 KB)

@Charly you used the VST3 version, and @pianopaul used the VST2. There can sometimes be these sorts of differences between plugin types.

A VST is supposed to report parameter changes to the host. It sounds like the VST3 version of LL is not doing that on a patch change.

And AU is also not doing that.
Just tried.

Maybe we should contact AAS?

I tested with and elder version 4.1 VST, was working

Now 4.4.1 is not working at all.
When the widget is moved the plugin parameter is also.
But moving the plugin parameter sends no feedback to the widget: VST/VST3/AU

I just contacted AAS

When they contact me, I have top clearly show them, maybe I make a Zoom session

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I get the same thing happening with S-Gear. VST3 version will often not update widgets if you change the preset within S-Gear. AU plugin version works fine every time.

I recall having had the same issue with the Arturia B-3V organ…
Meanwhile there is the B-3V 2 and i changed to Blue3… i don’t know if the problem still persists - i guess i should check that. :slight_smile:

Blue3 is working fine.
I mapped volume to a widget and when I select another preset in Blue3 and the volume changes then the widget is moved also.

Thanks … for all the support and I’m happy that the problem is not sitting in front of the Mac. :grinning:

It was not a typical 90/60 error :wink:

I refer to these as ID Ten T problems :slight_smile:

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I still have a question / need a bit of education:

I assume that the Gig File includes all the gig related information BUT NOT the VSTs.

If this is correct - i should not be able to add a second widget to the gig from pianopaul and make it work with the preset changes due to the different LL EP4 versions ?

The Gig File stores the state of plugins and the reference to the plugin itself.
The VST itself is not included.

Therefore you see the Chamaeleon plugin when a VST or AU is missing.