Master volume control for all rackspaces within a song


Hi everyone, i am enjoying some great new features with gp3 but i have found a slight issue in my eyes in regards to song parts. If say im at a gig and i need to lower or higher a volume in a vrs on the fly and are switching from vrs,crs,vrs crs etc i would like to know if there was a chance to make these changes i do global for the parts within that song untill the song is reloaded next time. Not sure if this could be a possibility.


You can try using the “Master Fader” - its MIDI mappable…


Yes i do know about that but what im trying to say is that if i need to change any widget controlled parameter eg. Piano and strings and overall volume needs to be up or needs more reverb etc it would be good if it could stay that way everytime you switch back to that rackspace within the song.
Maybe there needs to be a quick save feature or spmething like that that can be mapped to your controller.