Mapping Upper and Lower Organ Keyboards to Splits


I’m fairly new to GP. I’m trying to map the upper and lower keyboards on the Blue3 Hammond plug-in to lower and upper splits on my Keylab 88 midi controller.

I am baffled by how to assign the notes of the lower keyboard to a split. I imaging I’m missing something obvious but I have put in the obligatory due diligence before posting.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.



Welcome to the forums – this is very easy to do. See the large picture at the bottom of this post. The trick is to use two Midi In blocks, one of which is set to receive notes from the lower section of your keyboard and the other which is set to receive notes from the upper section of your keyboard.

Now, Blue3, by default receives on MIDI channel 1 for the upper manual and MIDI channel 2 for the lower manual

Then, assuming that your keyboard is always sending MIDI events on channel 1, what you need to do is map MIDI channel 1 to MIDI channel 2 on one of the MIDI In blocks (depending on whether you want the upper manual on the right or the left)

Hope this helps.

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For more on the kinds of things you can do with a MidiIn Block, see this KB article

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Wow. That’s an awe inspiring response, both in speed and in detail. I can’t thank you enough. -Ezra

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Just use 2 Midi In plugins and set the keyrange foreach.
Then set different output midi channels in each midi in to the channels defined in blue3.

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For sure, GP has the BEST technical help on the planet! :slight_smile:

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There’s a quicker way. On the Blue3 edit window, simply select split upper/lower.

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That is correct, but with the Midi In solution you can easily define note shifts.

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Good to know for Blue3.

However that won’t generalize to other plugins and with GP you can also change the split point dynamically if need be (using variations)

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