Mapping Issues

I hope I can explain in a way that can be understood. I have a global rack with a slider (mapped in rig manager to “slider 7” that controls an Omnisphere instance of a piano which works correctly. I have another slider (mapped to “slider 8”) that controls the gain of another instance of Omnisphere with a drone but no matter what I do I can’t map the slider to it. I have another slider (mapped to “slider 9”) and controls the master trim and works fine. Once I map slider to master trim slider 8 will also control the master trim. No matter what I do I can’t get this to stop. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 6.09.13 PM
Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 6.16.31 PM
GLOBAL RACKSPACE.rackspace (680.2 KB)

Please take a print screen of “MIDI Assignment List” and post it here :wink:

Window > Show MIDI Assigments
Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 02.05.25
Might give some insight…


You might need to go to your Rig Manager and then re- MIDI Learn Slider 7 and Slider 8.
Then save the rig manager. Go back to your panel editor and assign re-assign them to Slider 7 and Slider 8.


That is the last image shown.

I have un-assigned and re-assigned several times.

The ones that are the problems are Sliders 8 & 9.

I think I found it. There is another assignment to Slider 8 in the MIDI assignment list that I didn’t know about. How would I go about deleting only that mapping?

That is way I asked for the MIDI assignment list…
Im afraid you have to go widget by widget to find “the one” (here previous naming could help)

Sorry about that. I thought you meant for that control and not the whole list of assignments. I did figure it out. It was assigned via Global and then I had one as a Global Widget. I guess the Global assignment trumped the Global Widget.

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I noticed the behavior was “Catch” which means the slider will not move until it passes through its last known position. That is how I got it working here.


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@SteveC-Bome is right I would first use jump rather then catch (then decide what is best to you). Furthermore it is probably better to use a GP mixer plugin and to control the levels rather then controlling the MasterTrim, but this is another story…