Mapping "all notes off" Command to a widget

Has anyone mapped CC123 to a widget and made it work - maybe a scriptlet?

I have an intermittent issue using a Hammond XK-5 as a controller - it’s not all that great and sometimes I will get a stuck note. Sooo, I ran a channel constrainer (because it transmits on 3 channels simultaneously - not changeable) and it helped, but still I get an occasional stuck note.

In performance, I want to map the command to a foot switch. Anyone done this?

Thx in advance!

The ‘System Actions’ internal plugin includes a parameter to trigger GP’s MIDI Panic (which will send All Notes Off from the midi blocks). You can map this parameter to a widget.

You can also map a controller directly to Panic via the Options > Global MIDI.

Where are you getting the stuck note? All Notes Off is just CC 123 so you can just map a widget to CC 123 of a MIDI In block and it will send All Notes Off to whatever synth is connected to the MIDI in block

You could certainly do it with a scriptlet as well but that seems unnecessary

Thanks - I missed that somehow…The Hammond midi implementation is a bit …meh… as are the velocity curves. they designed them for their key on activation and not so much as a controller. so they transmit upper. lower and pedal manuals simultaneously on chls 1,2,3 and in the midi monitor I noted they randomly drop note offs on one of the chls. this happens when you play alot of notes quickly. It is only a function of external operation and not local to the sound engine.

so that’s why the ‘safety’ need for an all notes off widget. not willing to risk that mess live.

Really? Surely there is a way to disable the extra channels - isn’t there a a template for this?

I know it sounds odd - but Hammond did not design this to be a controller. they designed it to be an awesome and hyper realistic recreation of their analog organs - which it is - and is the reason I am using it. The MIDI implementation and flexibility just is not there - no PB or MOD, etc… It’s OK as long as I have a workaround which now I do. Between the CC123 (and this happens rarely) fall back and channel constrainer I am able to add additional flexibility and control that Hammond did not build into their keyboard.


I get that but I was looking at the manual for the XK-5 and on page 124 there is a discussion about turning on or off keyboard channels