Making Sense of the Rig manager

Using GP on Windows 10…I have some questions about the Rig Manager and my set up (and I’ll admit I’ve really struggled with the rig manager and midi in block issues for several months now)

I have named my controller in the rig manager. It’s named Roland A800 (as that’s what it is) however, on save, it then adds more names & references to the controller listed. It’s adding “4- A-PROi MIDI IN” to the end of the description (see image).

I’m also seeing 2 x other rig entities appear in he rig list which I have not added? You can see the 4- A-PRO 1 and the 4- A PRO 2. What are these entries and why are they there?

If we now move over to my wiring view experience with Midi in blocks. When I add a new in block and use the MIDI IN (A800 Controller) I do not receive any midi data into the block from the controller? If I add the IN block titled “4- A PRO 1” I do receive midi data on that block.

So in summary.I’m adding a Midi device into Rig manager, naming that device, but not receiving any midi when I try to add it the wiring view.

Does anyone know what is going on here?

I would hazard a guess that something else has changed in the system and the associated device is not actually connected. Remove the alias and add an alias from the + at the top. Keep the alias something not relating to the model of the keyboard but how it fits into your rig, something like Main Keyboard. Then associate the 4- A-Pro 1 to the alias.

In the wiring you can then use Main Keyboard as the MIDI in block. This name can then be used to associate different midi device to be the same “Main Keyboard” in your rig in Rig Manager at a later stage.


Thanks. I will try what you have suggested…Is the system supposed to add on the “4- A-Pro 1” on to the name given to the device? Where is that name getting generated?