Macromap Kontakt outputs per knob

Hey, I decided to buy Gigperformer, also because in the last thread I received good answers :slight_smile:

Now I figured some way of how I can categorize things well, for example all percussion instruments are over KONTAKT for me. So I’d just use all the outputs of Kontakt and then put that all in one rackspace having a single instance of KONTAKT including my desired instruments.

Now I want to do this here:

Which I can do but I also want to have a knob or something at the front page where if I turn it it automatically switches to which instrument is active, e.g. in position 0 it is selecting Kontakt outputs 1-2 , in position 1 outputs 3-4 in position 2 outputs 5-6 …

How do I do that?

I’m a little confused — if you have multiple Kontakt instruments in a single multi (say), then why not just set each one to use a different MIDI channel and switch MIDI channels using a widget connected to a MIDI In block, for example? The approach you’re asking for would mean that all your instruments would be active at the same time, even if you’re only listening to one of them.

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Great :slight_smile: yea I just figured my MIDI keyboard has a knob I can use which selects the channel and then I just put the instruments on channels 1-16 , that should do it, thanks.

On a side note: I’m still interested in folders or at least background colors for the rackspace (names) if that is something which can be done for the future as a small addition :smiley:

What do you mean by folders?
You could creat empty rackspaces as Title

Or do I cempletely misunderstand?

Do you know SetList Mode?

Thank you Paul, I want to expand/close “folders” so in your example be able to open/close 1 – acoustic pianos.

Setlist yea it is kinda similar but it has a different purpose and is limited by these big things on the top (so it becomes hard if I have e.g. 10 different “groups/folders”, so it would be good to have this within the rackspaces as it is just a small addition or at least be able to put a background color behind these names would help a lot!!

How to you use Gig Performer?

I am working SetList oriented and therefore each song needs its own sounds and I build that.
I do not have the requirement to search for prebuilt rackspaces for example 10 different pianos.
Because I am using very complex splits and layers this different rackspaces for different pianos do not work for me.

I’m working like Marc Rebillet, lots of different sounds to grab in a live environment:
Take a look here:

He’s using mainstage for this, many people compare this with Gig performer but imo gig performer is superior

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You could for example use your iPad with Lemur running on it.
With Lemur you can build your own Gui and send PC messages to Gig Performer to select your desired rackspace.

I am using it and it is working perfect.

As an alternate you could use TouchOSC

There are some other alternates which run on your Mac and with the iPad and Safari you can achieve the same.