macOS Big Sur Compatibility

This may be posted somewhere already but I haven’t been able to find it. Is the latest version of Gig Performer compatible with Big Sur? I found great information about using it on their new silicon chip here but nothing on the OS. Thanks!

Gig Performer 3.x runs on OS X all the way back from 10.9 to Big Sur. Do however make sure that your plugins are also compatible with Big Sur.

The next version of Gig Performer will also run natively on Apple Silicon.

I am working with a new MacBookPro with BigSur and M1 processor.
GigP is working perfectly.
Arturia, Native, IK, Kv331, U-he, Korg, Roland cloud, all plugins without problems.
I just moved from Windows to Mac, and I was scared abut new OS and compatibility: no issue until now.
LogicPro is much more delicate (I cannot use KV331 plugins there) but GigP is using all of them, and pretty well…


Thank you for responding! That’s great!

Thank you for sharing! That is encouraging!

What’s really cool is how well Gig Performer 3, compiled for Intel processors, runs on the M1. Apple’s Rosetta developers deserve a lot of credit for this accomplishment


That’s awesome!

I have read that the next iPad Pro A14X processor would have performances close to the M1. Would it be possible to have a version of GP running on iPad Pro at a time?

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And what about the plugins you are using?
They need to be ported on iPad too.

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I think this will happen sooner or later. But not immediately. We will have light tablets with huge power, perfectly suited to play live with virtual instruments.
Suppliers will make AUv3 versions of their plug-ins.
Once you design and code an AU on M1 chip in MacOS, it is not a big job to do the same as AUv3 on an iPad.
I never liked Apple at all, but having serious issues with Windows notebooks to play live, I just crossed the river.
I think Mac and iPad are evolving in a clear direction of possible uniformity

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You are right if even Mac plugins still need to be recompiled on iPad, it wouldn’t bring much. But I had not in mind to use an iPad for my main GP rig.

With studiomux - once it is ready - you can use the best of both worlds.