Macbook Pro upgrade opinions

Hi Guys…
I’ve been using a 2012 Mac Mini since I started with GP… and it has worked great.
Primary use is limited to live performances using an iPad and a WiFi hub and iTeleport for control where rack spaces have to be changed on the fly if the set list songs (great feature by, the way) get compromised by the lead singer…
1TB SSD is sufficient, but RAM has always been limited to 16GB on the Mini and now is posing an issue as my library requirements grow.
Any OS above High Sierra will also not support i Teleport.
Looking for some opinions on the 2020 MacBook Pro 13" intel chip with 32 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD or swapping up to a 2020 Mac mini with 64 GB and 1TB SSD. Using some other means of communication to the iPad, of course. I like my existing Mac Mini - iPad rig, but the MacBook seems simpler, lighter and easier to upgrade and control, although slower and maxes out with less RAM.
Any thoughts would really be great if you are using either one of these similar setups.
These will be application specific boxes and won’t be running anything else except Mail and Safari and the odd oddity.

Ohh I also love to use iTeleport around the studio/home (not in a Live situation)
I also use Duet with a lighting cable, works well.

Maybe the 2020 Mac mini? waiting for the new MBP 15" (with M1)

Anyway, there will probably be an M2 shortly, knowing Apple…
The Mini is rack mounted with a power conditioning strip and the Radial KL8 in a 3U plastic Gator case.
PITA to upgrade anything, and Im trying to lighten my gig load as well… This will be a bunch of bucks and a lot of time that I want to spend wisely.
I will probably go with the Intel mini at 64GB and wait for the MacBook M2 13" or 14" to settle down so there won’t be all the developer BS and glitches like with other APPLE OS and CPU upgrades of the past… The mini will also be cheaper and won’t be as much of an operational change
Thanks for the info

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