MacBook Pro not booting

Hello lovely people !

I have an issue.

It’s been since yesterday that when I boot up, there is a folder with a question mark in it, so I can’t boot !
When I use recovery, I can’t see my main hard drive, so I can’t reinstall the system.
Very strangely, this morning after a little walk, I tried to boot again.
It worked, and for now it is still working. I used disk utility and everything seems in order.
But it is horrible and I need my computer to be able to work in live situations for my concerts.
Is there something I could do ? Maybe it is related to dust ? I could open my mac and clean it a bit ?

Do you have any advices ? Thanks :slight_smile:

PS : I’m on a Macbook Pro Retina mid-2014 (16Gb ram 512 SSD), I asked this question on mac forums you don’t have to answer but if you have any ideas or if you had something like that ?

Do you have a backup?

If your Mac starts up to a Mac folder with a question mark , it could mean one of two things: (1) your startup disk is no longer working because either you previously started your Mac from a different disk or your hard drive has failed, or (2) there’s no working operating system installed.

I have a recollection of getting that symbol once years ago on a MacBook. For me I think the HD had died.

I have opened an old 2011 MBP a few times to replace a battery and to replace the MagSafe/power port. The dust and animal hair that had accumulated inside was a bit shocking!

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You may well have big trouble that needs a reinstall of the OS but it’s sometimes possible to recover from weird situations with what used to be known as resetting the PRAM: reboot and hold down Opt-Cmd-P-R and let it chime three times then take your fingers off.

Newer Macs can also have the SMC reset done:

It’s worth a try.

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I think maybe this saved me indeed this morning !
Not sure :slight_smile:
Thank you for your help elucid !
And thank you guys for being here :slight_smile:

I’ve had all sorts of weird this-looks-like-it’s-completely-dead situations come good with the four finger salute. Been supporting Macs since the early 90s one way or another. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes I support Apple computers too !
But this is quite stressful, because this cannot happen before a gig !