Macbook BetterSnapTool windows 11 snapping +

if you’re looking for a great snap feature the same as Windows 11 on pc on your macbook, BetterSnapTool works great, and you can set snap specifically for each app, so I’ve gig-performer set to 55% and lyrics window to 45% makes life so much easier. and it free

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But perhaps not without problems…

Another good program for that is Rectangle. Can’t live without it on my Home Mac

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How do these programs help you?
Of course, a screenshot (or GIF) showcasing the benefits would be great! :slight_smile:

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Here’s the website for the app I’m using.

It uses keyboard/mouse shortcuts to move program windows to set points on the screen(s). I use it on my studio machine at home to move stuff around to various monitors that I’m using, or in the case of my ultra widescreen monitor, to one half of the monitor.

There are all sorts of shortcuts for moving/resizing windows vs dragging the screen and manually resizing it to fit the space.