Macbook AIR vs PRO

Before considering the purchase of a Macbook 14 'M1Pro in the near future, I would like to buy a second-hand Macbook AIR or PRO M1 in order to test GP4 with Kontakt and banks mainly of pianos (acoustic and electric).
I have the choice between these 2 models (same configuration, 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, 512GB and 16GB of RAM) I admit not being a fan of the touchbar, is it utopian to think that the AIR is will do as well as the PRO ?
There is 300 € difference between the models.

What exactly do you want to test? Kontakt works just fine on Mac

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Every you tuber who made tests agree. With M1 and 16 gigabyte RAM there are no meaningful differences between Air and Pro. I have an M1 pro and it runs very well

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I am not worried about the performance of the processor itself which is more than sufficient.
My concern was just that the performance of the Macbook AIR might drop at times since it has no fan.
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Never heard any fan noise on my MacBookPro 13" M1, I guess it is very hard to find something that asks for cooling

For my use of Gigperformer, I have a couple of plug-ins that don’t like the sequential loading so I like to have plenty of ram to hold it all in memory. In this case the first generation M1 is limited to 16GB memory but a newer generation can handle 32GB. So that is what I hope to aspire to. But I have to get off my 32bit sampletank plugin.

Believe me. M1 architecture has a peculiar memory management and a very fast communication with SSD. I am sure you can survive easily with 16 giga. Obviously 32 giga is better, also because M1pro is even faster.

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My question is obviously about the processor since the M1, M1Pro and M1Max have a 3.2ghz core rate.
The difference is indeed on the multi-core, the M1 8 cores can not compete with the 10 cores of M1Pro and / or M1Max
According to my tests, Gig Performer 4 (intel version) only uses the 4 cores of my Hackintosh i7 3.2Ghz.
Maybe the ARM version of Gig Performer takes into account the 8 or 10 cores ? Is this the case ?
If not, and that’s why I’m wondering, a 13.3’ Macbook M1 will be as good as a M1Pro since only 4 cores will be used.
The big difference as mentioned above is if you don’t want to be limited in memory.
In this case, the question does not arise and an M1Pro with 32gb will be preferable.

Faster processor, with 2 more cores, and double the memory give obviously more performance. My experience is that a normal M1 with 16 giga is absolutely enough for a professional use.
If you have money enough and want to have a super beast of a device you can buy M1pro with 32 giga RAM and 10 core.
But it is not strictly needed.
Up to you and your wallet