Mac Update 4-June-2023 Questionable

I updated my Mac OS this morning. It’s not pretty on my M1 MacBook Pro. Your mileage might vary.

I had changed a keyboard shortcut about the same time. I also enabled Keyboard Navigation, which I suggest people avoid.

Here are some of the problems I’ve had:

  • Spacebar no longer playing media in Logic, YouTube on Chrome. At times, I wasn’t able to type spaces in GP’s dialog boxes.

  • Selection boxes in GP not stable. For instance, when trying to change the outputs of a mixer channel, the options flash on and off. Only by clicking, holding, and dragging would the options stabilize and allow selections.

  • All Kontakt libraries unloaded from the plugins. Ouch. Unless I saved the presets where I could find them, the details were lost.

  • All MIDI devices lost, which was easy to fix with some unplugging and replugging of the USB hub.

Yeah, I needed to reload my license too.

I don’t have a critical performance coming up, but damn!

Also, when I shutdown and restart the machine, Keyboard Navigation is re-enabled. Now, on restart, I have to manually reset it.

It’s like the whole user input system has garbage pinging around and is just broken.

I tried screen sharing, to eliminate the local keyboard and trackpad from the equation, but even with the remote hardware keyboard and mouse, I got weird behavior.

GP users might want to avoid this particular update.

Anybody else have a bad experience with this one?

What version of the os did this? Are you running Time Machine so that you can revert to previous version?

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Yes. I’m running Time Machine. I’ll shift into reverse soon.

Hopefully, Apple is getting additional reports and will be able to patch the issues. It’s crazy how much stuff went sideways.

That said, I worked around some things, and got enough working that my daughter came over and we were able to jam. Of course, if I shut down GP and reboot, who knows what state it will be in!

The version is Ventura 13.4.

Just completed the Time Machine rollback. Everything seems to be back to normal.

And, yes, auto update is disabled!

Time Machine is awesome. Except during an actual show, I leave a drive attached to my Mac all the time.

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I’m on the fence between TM and CCC and cloning the drive. Thoughts?

Also, I imagine you don’t have to physically disconnect the drive but eject it (if it’s external) to have the same effect? I use a racked Mini with one of those USB C stacker hubs next to the mini in the Sonnet rack, which also has a SSD in the hub.

I don’t know what CCC can do but TM is very deeply integrated into MacOS and you also get versioning. In other words, you can easily go back to the gigfile (say) you created last Tuesday at 11am. Cloning a drive just gives you a static snapshot, not nearly as useful,

I don’t know any reason to use any backup other than TM on a Mac, but that’s just my own opinion.

Time Machine worked well for me. I think it gives more flexibility than cloning.

And yes, ejecting the drive would have the same effect as physically disconnecting it.

The advantage is having a bootable cloned drive you can just hook up and use, BUT as the hardware has changed GP and plugins would need to be deauthorized which kind of defeats the benefit. I think I’ll just go with TM.