Mac Catalina

I just got an email from Native instruments warning users not to upgrade to Catalina yet.

We have not tested GP with Catalina either so don’t upgrade your OS yet unless you have a Time Machine backup so you can restore to 10.14 if things go wrong


Thanx for the heads up
GG Audio (Blue 3) just sent the same email. Please Wait!!! :sunglasses:
Whoa… and Ableton Live 9 will not be compatible with Catalina. Ouch!!

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“With Catalina, Apple is turning off support for 32-bit apps.”

If I upgrade, I’m going to have to purchase the latest version of Sibelius:(

Yeah, anyone who was using 32 Lives or JBridge on the Mac will have to upgrade to 64-bit plugins

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It’s 2019 folks… time to throw away the 8-track tapes… :slight_smile:


I just did a very preliminary experiment. See this blog article


I’m usually of the same ilk. But in this case there seem to be 32 bit apps that have never been spiritually replaced in the 64 bit world.
For example, can anyone suggest a VST loop station to match or exceed Mobius 2? (Eight stereo inputs to a multitrack looper with discrete record enabling discrete loops and discrete loop lengths, fully controllable by MIDI within a VST plugin?)
And of course all my Voiceworks Plus hardware VST control virtualization…