M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 as a controller

Anyone using M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 with Gig Performer?

It looks pretty interesting except that some reviews seem to say
the midi implementation in some situations is difficult…

Also, how is it to play? I remember trying some M Audio keyboards in the store
years ago and I thought the keys felt horrible!

Any thoughts?

I bought the 61 version. Keys are not bad, better than Arturia. I use pure midi mode and everything is easily usable. No issues


I’ve been using the 61 key for about a year now.

-Keys feel pretty good, lots of controls, ergonomics are good.

-Occasionally locks up and needs to be rebooted to be seen by GP.
-Doing fast B3- style Palm swipe glissando, often get a hung note. I’ve contacted M-Audio support but no response to my question… However I repeatedly get an email back asking if I was happy with the response to my problem… Even tho I never get a response.

Those are fairly minor complaints tho, overall I am happy with it.

That would seem to me to be a major complaint

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I once had a M-Audio Code61, which i actually liked… except from the occasional lockups and hanging notes, which was not acceptable - even if I am just a hobby musician.
Some research in their support forums showed that it seems to be a hardware fault in their controller circuits, no chance for a remedy.
So M-Audio is off the game for me now.

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I sold my Arturia keylab 61 mkII for stuck note reason (one every few minutes). With M-audio Oxygen Pro 61 I have played a dozen of rehearsal and two gigs without a single problem…

Update- I just did a bit more reading and apparently there may be a fix for the hanging notes. Will do more research. The lockup seems to happen about every 3- 4 weeks of being on constantly so for me, while annoying, not a show stopper… speaking of which it’s never happened in a gig yet… but if/when it does, that could certainly change it from annoyance to show-stopper…

The platform where i found the complaints over this issue unfortunately isn’t existent anymore, but there still is a video on YouTube where that guy tells something about removing the cable from the Aftertouch strip would solve the issue, but i am sceptic somehow…

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My only sure opinion. Native Instruments Kontrol S 61 never fails… No sliders and few controls, but perfect keybed.
Another point:old oxygen was a disaster, new oxygen pro is miles better

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I’ve used the Oxygen49 for several years and never really had a problem. It has never “locked up” while in use but it does seem to “go to sleep” after a period of non-use and has to be restarted.

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Between sound check and when the show starts?

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Not usually more in my practice environment when it may be idle for hours. Even if though, it is literally a 10-15 second process. The strange part is when you turn it off GP says Oxygen49 disconnected which means GP still “sees” it, there is just no MIDI being received.

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