Lyrics not displaying for some songs

The lyrics to the first song in the list is displaying fine. However, the others after, nothing. Everything is saved in the root folder. The first song pulls up the associated lyric, the next one does not. I have saved it many times, yet every time I switch to that song OR if I manually try to load it when the song is active its blank, with the “Use the open file function to load a lyrics/chords file” message. In the song properties window, it is correctly pointing to the right file. Any ideas? Thanks!

UPDATE: The issue seems to be in the song window not saving the edits. When I open the PRO files in Notepad or any text editor, save the changes, GP displays it fine. If I make edits in GP and save it the song window, it does not retain those changes and when I come back to it, it displays the older version of the file.

UPDATE 2: Must have been some formatting issue. After stripping all formatting in a plain text editor, seems to be working now. What’s strange though is why even files that were created by typing into a blank window in the Lyrics/chord editor (instead of pasting from another file) were having issues…??? Anyway, hopefully this might help someone if they are pasting.

While we’re on the topic, is GP supposed to / able to follow the ChordPro coding? Meaning when I have a song parts called Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus etc and accordingly the file has:
{comment: Verse 1}
{start of verse}

{comment: Verse 2}
{start of verse}

etc…, is switching to those song parts supposed to adjust/move and display that part of the lyrics? Its not doing it for me, but it would be super cool as I could increase the font size without having to worry about seeing everything on one page if I didn’t want to physically scroll the lyrics…

The automatic jumping to song parts is not part of the original ChordPro spec, but we are working on making that possible with a special keyword where you will be able to simply insert a “jump point” with a name of your song part and every time you switch to that song part - your sheet will move automatically.

Cannot promise when will we have this though.


That sounds PERFECT! :slight_smile: Thank you and keep up the good work!

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