Lyrics/Chords Window Height - Feature Request


Unless I am missing something, it is not possible to minimise the height of the Lyrics/Chords window below a certain size. I typically have just one or two lines of chord symbols for a song as a prompt in case I have mental block when I am playing live. It would be nice to be able to shrink the window to any height so that I could just have a couple of lines showing. It would also mean I could also place the window at the bottom of my laptop screen and not have it obscure the rack display.


Yes - there is a minimum size there. If you hide the songs panel on it and place it behind your main window you can be showing just the top part of it for example


Hmm - do you mean like attached screen grab? If so, that is not going to work on a smallish laptop (my screen is 1366 x 768). Why not just let users resize the screen, ideally with an option to hide the top tabs/tool bar?


Got it… You are making a valid point. I’ll put that as a feature request for some of the upcoming versions. Can’t promise when will it be done for sure though.