LSB PC command problem!

My Prophet Rev2 react only to LSB bank select.
Therefore when I use MIDI TO HEXSTRING GENERATOR TOOL, I can’t change the banks, only the program.
Can you help me with that ?

LSB bank is just CC number 32

Thank you ! But how to “program” this ? How should I write it ? If I want LSB2 Program 32 for example ?
With this technique : If the requirement is to have GP generate the PC message, I just add the Midi Out block and map a widget to the ‘Send PC message on activate’ parameter. It will send the PC on a variation change.

I did it ! Thank you :slight_smile:
And I found an easier way : just create a widget with CC32 and the adequate bank number, and a widget with “‘Send PC message on activate” with the adequate program number !!!
It works to switch bank and program between variations ! The only problem is that there is no patch persist between variations ! hehehe

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When you change presets in your vst via PC messages, patch persist has to be provided by the vst itself.

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It’s good to know thank you ! In this case it’s my hardware synth (prophet rev2) that cannot… and I guess there is no way to do it !