Lounge Lizard setup - A tip and a question

I’m very satisfied with Lounge Lizard so far.

During setup of my basic Lounge Lizard rackspace I found one little thing that I was a bit frustrated with.

There are two spots in the plugin where you can choose which effects to use. In the Widget Properties plugin parameter mapping the parameters for these effects are just called Effect 1 - Param 1 and so on. And; There is not, as you may think, a system in which plugin control is connected to which parameter. You may think that it’s left to right, but it’s not. So; Lots of experimenting to find out which parameter is connected to which plugin control.

That’s until I found a post mentioning the menu selection “Options - Display - Show parameter number in widget parameter selection list”. When this is enabled, the plugins internal parameter number is displayed in front of the possible choices in the parameter list, like “65 Effect 1 - Param 1”. If you go into the plugin and click a control, it’s internal parameter number will be displayed in the upper left corner of the plugin window. That makes it simple to select the right parameter when setting up the widget.

Maybe this is common knowledge, but I think maybe not, so thought I would mention it.

So to the question to those of you already using Lounge Lizard;

Am I right saying that when you go into the plugin window and change a parameter, that change is reflected in the connected widgets’ values, UNLESS you choose a new preset? Then you’ll have to go to the plugin menu (the three dots in the upper right corner) and choose “Refresh Widgets From Plugin”?