Lost My License


I updated GP but it only went as far as 2.5. The Catalina compatibility statement said I need 2.6+, so I downloaded and installed the latest 2.6.

It erased the license key and I can’t find it to reactivate it.

Hello there - I sent you your license via PM.


I think you meant 3.6, not 2.6. Gig Performer 2x does not support Catalina

yup 3.6.1, thanks for reading my mind rather than my post. :wink:

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Similar thing happened to me. Had a snafu and had to reformat my drive. Didn’t know I had to deactivate GP (wouldn’t have had the opportunity in any case). Shockingly, I can’t find my licence key. Am I wrong, or is there no way to log into an account on the website for this sort of info?

Hi @victord, sorry to hear that.

You can raise a support ticket and you will get help.

Thanks! Now, lets’ see if I can find the link for support ticket…:slight_smile:

Here it is:

Thanks again. Already got a response. Theses people are the best. :slight_smile: