Lost favorite preset


In the process of starting all over, (restored laptop to factory state) and reinstalling everything, I realized I made a major mistake. I had a setup in Amplitube which I had stumbled upon by pure accident and saved as a rack in GP… but I had never saved it as a preset in Amplitube.

Now that I have everything set back up again I found that these settings have not been retained and I am wondering where that info was stored. I am hoping against hope (and probably reason) there is a possibility it is stored in the rack file? It seems other plugins have retained their settings… I updated Amplitube to 4.8 and again hoping that is why it is not working for me.

Forgive my desperation… it was a particularly favorite patch.


Normally Plugin manufacturers shouldbe aware of compatibility of versions so that the State can be restored.
Seems amplitube does Not.
You could try to install the Version of amplitube you used before.


Thanks @pianopaul. But is that info in the gig file? That I could see and understand somehow? Otherwise yes I could install old version I guess


When you save a gigfile, GP asks each plugin to provide its current state which GP then saves as part of the gigfile (and that state information is what makes gigfiles big).
When the gigfile is reloaded and plugins are recreated into rackspaces, GP sends that saved state information back into the plugin.

It’s completely the responsibility of the plugin to provide its state for saving and to be able to restore itself when fed back that stored state.

It’s quite possible that newer versions of a plugin mightn’t be able to restore the state from a stores state of an earlier implementation though frankly, responsible plugin developers should provide mechanism to convert older state if their newer versions have changed their format.


And that is the reason why I always save presets in my plugins - in worst case I can restore.


Right I screwed up on this one…and I totally understand it is the responsibility of the plugin to restore the saved state. But is there info about that saved state in the GP gig file that I can access to help me recreate it?

Otherwise, i do still have the installation file for the previous version, so I guess I can go that route


It’s just a massive chunk of binary data, whatever the plugin gives to GP upon request. There’s no official or standard format to that binary data, each plugin is free to represent its internal state whatever way it wants.

If the updated version of amplitube can’t handle the older state, then probably your own option is to revert to the older version of amplitube.

You might reach out to IK but they’ll probably just blame GP (sigh)


ok thanks very much for the help. I kinda figured as much. I’ll just revert to old version