Loop Player In Gig Performer

Hello all.
I am looking for a suitable vst to trigger loops in Gig Performer.
I have come across many loop and sample players but I need to trigger loops in the following way:
When I trigger the first loop, it should play continuously.
When I trigger a second loop, it should play continuously after stopping the first loop.
In fact, it should work similarly to the way the matrix function in Cakewalk works.
Of course, the vst should also be compatible with Gig Performer.

Thank you.

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Ableton Live would be perfect for that.

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Thanks for your response.
I am trying to avoid using software outside of Gig Performer so I was hoping to use a vst plugin.

I am total happy with integration of Ableton Live.
Because Clip Trigger, Legato, Replace, trigger at the beginning at the next bar or beat or 8 bars etc
is perfectly implemented
And with OSC the integration between GP and Ableton is very Smooth.
You could run Ableton on a different machine than GP, even on a different machine located in a different country :wink:

Do you know this?


Hi . I have seen Ableton integration with GP. It’s awesome.
It just means buying Ableton and learning the software which I am trying to avoid since it is not cheap.

Yes, it is not cheap, but believe me it is worth every penny.

I believe you can set up Melda Super looper for that. I don’t use it that way, but i use it regularly in gp and it works well. There’s a demo option so you can check if it’s what you need.


Thank you. I will try it out.

I use the audio file player integrated in GP.
A single press on a footswitch allows me to stop the playback of a sample and start the next one.
I sometimes chain the rackspaces to continue with the next 8 samples and so on if needed.


I have tried the loop player.
I have to trigger a pad to stop the first loop and then trigger a pad to start the next loop.
I want the second pad to stop the first loop when I trigger and simultaneously start the second loop.
Any ideas on how to do this?

MSuperLooper should be able to do this. You can import your audio into different loops on the same track and jump between them with no breaks. I think you can have up to 4 sections on the same track.

Thank you

I would highly recommend reviewing the videos on the Melda Superlooper page on the link provided by @Sternen. Chandler Guitar has also done a number of additional videos on using Superlooper on YouTube which are worth watching. Melda also let’s you try their products free for two weeks as I recall, no restrictions. The real thing with many of Meldas products is that they can be extensively modified and very powerful, and if you buy their products it’s free lifetime support and upgrades. Highly recommended if this fits your requirements.

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maybe this one ? Loopmix by Audiomodern | The Creative Loop Remixer

I will check it out. Thanks.

Which Version of Live you are using?

I am using 11.2.7 Suite

Hi all. I am still trying to get gig performer to trigger loops in this way but I’ve have no success:
I want a loop to player after having pressed and released a controller button . I then want to trigger a second loop with the press of a controller button while simultaneously stopping the first loop.
I’ve tried out the different loop vst’s but I can’t seem to achieve this. Most of them require you to hold down a key or button.
Can this bee achieved with the audio player in gif performer? If so, please advise on how to achieve this. Thanks.

OK, I think this can be done via scripting