Looking for the ER VERB/Ambiant SSL reverb plugin as a VST plugin

On their Live console SSL L500s, SSL has an internal reverb collection plugin called ER VERB which has a fabulous Ambient reverb for vocals. There are many SSL plugin around, but does somebody know it the SSL ER VERB reverb plugin is also available as a VST ?

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As far as I know, the SSSL Live consoles have reverb algorithms based on the X-Verb plug-in.
As a plugin, It has been replaced by the FlexVerb.

Thanks for your answer @Hermon, even if you are not sure, I can afford to buy it just for testing, but I will probably have to wait for the next Black Friday for this :grimacing:

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With a bit of luck there will be a 4 day promotion in August like last year, so 2 months less to wait…


Yes, please post if anyone notices a sale for this. :smiley:

Not exactly the answer I expected, but well…

Dear David,

ER Verb is a piece of software that was specifically written for the live environment to work with our live consoles. To campare this to Flexverb is not really possible as they have different Algorithms as well as different applications. I am sure with some experimentation you could get a sound that is similar to that of ER verb. I would look to the early reflections part of Flex verb for this.

I have also passed on your comments to the product manager for review as a possible new plugin or feature set to an existing product.

Best regards,
L. W.

Solid State Logic

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@David-san @DennisT2022

I didn’t imagine that it would take so little time: Buy and get one FREE

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Thanks. I just bought it for testing it! :wink:


Wow, that was fast! Thanks for sharing @Hermon :slight_smile:

Please tell in a few words what kind of reverb is it.
From the videos I’ve seen it seems to be more geared towards fine-tuning of a natural reverb than shimmer style fx and the like.