Looking for suggestions for cheap 3 button midi foot pedal

I would only use it using “midi learn”. I don’t need a screen or anything.

I am just exploring this. Basically I would us it to switch song parts when my hands are occupied.

Cheap, small and reliable are my preference.


I was looking for the same thing two years ago, but it wasn’t easy. Not too much alternatives at least back then. Wound up buying used Morningstar MC6 mk2.

Yes, surprising. I would think there would be plenty… .and inexpensive.

I have a few of these 4-button pedals. Relatively inexpensive.

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I’m using the Line 6 FBV Express MkII and have had Zero issues. 4 buttons plus an expression pedal and takes up very little space under my desk.

Not exactly a dollar store item at $109 at amazon, but there are a ton of them floating around used. It seems like it would take a good bit of abuse to do damage to it.


I have a couple old “sustain pedal” footswitches that I’ve used for this kind of thing.

If you have a keyboard with extra pedal inputs and you can configure the midi messages they send, then you may have a free solution.

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And maybe something like this:

No experience with it, but I’ve seen this mentioned a few times in guitar forums for a great bang-for-buck controller: M-vave Chocolate:

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Disaster area designs MIDI Baby 3. Or cheaper Logidy UMI3.
Both are MIDI pedals.

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