Looking for Recommendations to Play Gigastudio Files

I used to do a lot DAW recording before basically taking a break from lot and started playing more live.

I have a number of (I think) good quality sample libraries in Gigastudio (Tascam) format (which I used to use in Kontakt, when Kontakt was compatible with this files).

I read that there is (I think free) good software to playing Gigastudio files.

Any recommendations?

Gigastudio? Wow….that’s going back a long time.

Best bet is probably to use the Chicken Systems Translator to convert them to Kontakt

Yeah, after doing some research, I don’t think its worth it. Thx.

But I have the original Sampletekk Black Grand in Kontakt format (it came in Halion, Gigastudio, and Kontakt together) saved on 10 DVDs.

Unfortunately, I have the medium ambient perspective; I think close would be the best for live performance. We’ll see…(if it even works)


Try using Pianoteq instead


Maybe. Right now my weighted piano is not even connected to GP and I am using that for piano sounds. One step at a time…:wink: