Looking for a plugin in replacement of a specific Nord Stage sound

Does Nord Stage users have an idea of the kind of sound used in the intro of this song played by keyboardist Johan Dalgaard on a Nord Stage keyboard:

I am looking for the closest possible plugin alternative. For the moment I started to tweek a Mellotron sound, I am trying to add some kind of portamento, but I am still far from the original. Thanks if you can help with any advice especially if you recognize a regular Nord Stage sound :wink:

Or if you know Johan Dalgaard, please ask him… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What plugins are available to you?
Do you have the Arturia collection?

Arturia V Collection, NI Komplete, IK Studio Max, many others…

Reminds me to the lead sound used at the beginning of Mama by Genesis.

Ah, ok… i will try later on if i can find something in the Arturia collection, i think this might be most promising for that kind of sound.

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This probably because of the kind portamento.

From earing: two saw? or square? oscillators, heavily detuned and filtered - low LFO speed… Prophet 5?
edit: sure monophonic, with slow portamento… (getting to the studio in a bit)

Rather SAW I think, agree for the rest. Sounds to me like a Mellotron or Solina string with complexe chorus ensemble effects (the 2 LFOs you hear), plus the portamento.

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I think i’ve got something similar!
You’ll need the JUP-8 V3 from Arturia and the free filter plugin “Frohmage” from Ohmforce

Here is the plugin chain as GP-favorite:
french_lead.gpfav (9.6 KB)


Here is my take with the aforementioned Prophet 5 - unzip and import preset
Give it a bit of mod wheel to increase the wobbly pitch.
Prophet_Preset_Square lead_20211003_15h44.prox.zip (3.1 KB)

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@schamass, @keyman, for the moment, I think @schamass has the closest proposal (I reduced a bit the portamento effect), however GP cannot open the Frohmage plugin. The spirit is there, but we are still quite different from the original at least without the Frohmage plugin.

What’s the issue? :thinking:

GP cannot initialize the plugin.

Be sure to download the right one with the “64” in the file name - they accidentally mixed up the icons of the 32/64 bit versions!

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The overall result is not bad :thinking:

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Thank you. :slight_smile:
That’s what i thought too when i played along with the video a bit… there’s not sooo much diffrence to the original.
The “Frohmage” plugin gives a bit more of this “nasal” sound which i could not really get without the additional filter.