Looking for a bidirectional controlller

Hey folks, i am now building GP Racks. In Live environment it would be essential for me to use an bidirectional Hardware Controller, which do work with GP. Any expierience?

I am using S88 MK II from native instruments

I have this ones around and they are working nicely with GP

  • Kenton Killamix Mini
  • Behringer X-touch mini

Hardware MIDI controllers with visual feedback?

  • MIDI Fighter Twister
  • Novation SL MKII (for the 8 encoders)
  • Behringer BCR-2000 (all 32 encoders [56 if you count the 4 banks])
  • Behringer BCF-2000 (8 flying faders, 8 encoders)
  • Behringer X-touch series (edit: class compliant, thanks Dubbylabby)
  • Livid Base II
  • KMI KMix
  • KMI Quneo

Bidirectional means:
If i move the controller (Fader/Encoder) the values change in GP.
This is easy and done with any midi controller i do assume.
The other way back is my problem.
Each time a value is changed in GP the faders encoders on the controller should change To the appropiate value.

This is the Sync Option in the Widget Midi section

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The big Behringer X-Touch is only Mackie Control/HUI compliant, not a midi controller, so not sure about that one?

X-Touch compact does Support midi as well.

Thx, that has been the missing Link. Now in my first step it is working as expected with my NI S88. Now trying it with other Midi controllers like an novation ZeROSL MkII, Behringer bcf2000…