Long startup of first MIDI app with Ventura

Hope it’s okay to post this here as though it affects GP I believe its a MacOS issue, not GP.

After a recent OS update (to the latest Ventura) it seems that the first app that uses MIDI to launch after system startup takes 60+ seconds with the spinning coloured ball before finally launching, after which all seems to work fine. Any subsequent MIDI apps launch as expected and I’ve not observed any unusual behaviour wrt MIDI otherwise. Non MIDI using apps launch normally.

This happens regardless if the first app is GP, MidiPipe, MIDI Monitor or Apple’s Audio MIDI Setup.

I’m not MacOS savvy enough to know how to investigate this further so thought I’d check the GP community to see if anyone else has experienced this or has some troubleshooting tips.

FWIW I’m on a 2019 16in MBP with a 2.4GHz 8-core Intel core I9 with 32 G RAM running Ventura 13.6.3

Thanks for considering.

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It is OK, but I changed the catégorie to Gig Performer on Mac OS X as it is probably OS specific. :wink:

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What happens when you enable the IAC Driver?

Doesn’t seem to make a difference. Still about 60 seconds for the first MIDI app to complete launching. FWIW I’ve never had to use the IAC driver and didn’t have any ports set up as in your image.

Just for testing purposes, what happens when you create a new account?

Any audio interface connected?

You mean a new user on the Mac?

Yes, a Scarlett 4i4 both auto and MIDI

Yes. Thanks.

Sorry for the delay… same thing with a new user. Apple’s Audio MIDI Setup launched immediately into the audio pane but when I opened the MIDI window it took a minute of coloured spinning ball before it appeared.

Seems to be some obscure macOS Ventura issue.

Any tips on how to explore it.

Maybe you could search through the Apple community, e.g. :

… and create a new thread there.

As far I can see, Ventura introduced a → ventura problems MIDI - Google Search.