Long Load Time


Hi, bought and installed GP3 two days ago. I set up a project to use on live rig, My controllers are Novation Impulse and JamKey49, > project consists of 3 instance of Keyscape, 3 Instance of Omnisphere, 1 of Kontakt . Rackspace has 6 buttons to bypass, I have three 4 channel mixers on Omnisphere and one on Kontakt and on VST compressor on the Horns in Kontakt. I am running High Sierra on MacBook Pro

I have turned off load last gig file/scan for new plugins. I have deleted unused VST/AU/VST3/Automap files from plugin folder (in GP3) and re-scanned. It is currently taking 2:30 to load my project. The same project in Vienna Ensemble Pro 6 takes 0:33 to load that includes start up/click file and load. So from boot to show ready 0:48 VEP > 2:45 with GP3.

I know this can’t be normal lol it’s a disaster waiting to happen for me if I use in live show. Any ideas what I can do? Any Help would be really appreciated :slight_smile:
Thanks, Kenny


Searching for “launch time” on this forum… there are some ideas on this thread, might help


I launched the same gig on my PC to check it and it took less than 10sec to load the same setup. Why would it work on the PC and not the MAC. I turn off the internet on my laptop and never leave it on during a performance or in studio. Is this an issue? It takes same, long, time to load both on and off. The programs I am running are not checking for updates (neither NI or Spectrasonics). The laptop is going wireless through a Comcast router and the desktop is going wired through bridge to same router


Spectrasonics products do check for updates when launched.


I stand corrected but 2:30 is an insane load time. I load 40 track sessions faster than that.

So the questions, is this an issue for G3 on a mac and not a PC? Is this a problem that VEP 6 doesn’t have on Mac but GP3 does? This isn’t a cheap investment and i took a chance just bought because of the demo at NAMM and because I own most items that Ilio sells.
There has to be a simple solution for this maybe I just need to delete the program and start again?


It’s certainly not the case that gigs should take a long time on a Mac and if there was a general problem, we’d have heard about it already (NB all our development is done on Macs).
There’s something else going on, possibly a funky plugin. What version of OS X are you running?

If you hold the shift key down while GP is loading, it won’t load a gig file — how long does it take for GP to be ready in that situation?


Something may be trying to connect to the internet, you may have a WiFi connection or other type of connection, which is not really connected to the internet. In that case it may take a long time to time out.

Try switching off all your network connections - WiFi/Bluetooth or otherwise - really switch it off and then try.


Version 10.13.6, It starts up quickly as I don’t have it set to load gig file ( I changed that per Roger at ilio suggestion). It was slow only loading GIG file. I just started deleting plugins from my gig and it seems to be the AU version of Kontakt 5 causing the slow startup, and only on the MAC. The VST version works right on PC. I tried to switch to VST version on Mac but each time I select the Kontakt VST, GP3 crashes. I have forwarded the crash reports to vendor. Kenny


There has to be something else going on here… Kontakt (the 8 output VST version) is my “Go To” plugin used almost everywhere on my own shows and works flawlessly. My sense is that almost every Gig Performer user is using Kontakt. What version of Kontakt?


Thanks for pointing me the right direction I was using 5.5. I was of the philosophy if isn’t broke don’t upgrade it. I installed Kontakt 6 ( already had it on the PC) today and things are flying. Going to give it a shot this week I hope


Ah – 5.5 is really old — in the Kontakt 5x series, I’m running Kontakt 5.8