Logic pro X and integration (New upgrade)

I’m starting to really like using some loops with Ableton and my rev2 (threw GP).
The thing is I’m just using the trial version.
Same thing for Logic pro, I think I really prefer the general interface.
The new upgrade is allowing loop to be apparently really powerful, a bit like Ableton.
So I have a question :
Does linking with Logic work as good as Ableton, and scripting also ?
Or with something like a novation launch pro ?
Or is this better to do everything with Ableton and get used to it.
Thank you

Because Logic Pro is brand new I cannot tell you,
but what I saw is only similar to Ableton Live when you do not look to deep at it.

My experience with Ableton Live and my feeling is: go with Ableton Live.

I don’t think Logic supports Ableton Link, in case that’s relevant.

Guys : OK
I’ll go with Ableton :slight_smile:
It’s just that for arrangement I really like Logic…or…I’m just a bit used to it.
I guess I will get used to Ableton :slight_smile:

You know that Ableton Live has an Arrangement View?

Yes I do :slight_smile:

I just started with Live yesterday and it stopped quite quickly after I defined a VST plugin path that Live disliked. It stopped working and couldn’t even be restarted. I had to remove some config files before it works again :stuck_out_tongue:

And my first aim was only to record my son singing on a backtrack for his school. I only succeeded to add a bit of the built-in reverb and convert the record to an mp3 :cold_face:

I think I will have to find a tutorial with basics :nerd_face:

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Hehehe ! So many things to learn :slight_smile:

Right now I am struggling with live : I recorded the voice of my son after the intro. When I play it, it is OK, but when I export the rendered result, both the back track and the voice start at the same time while the voice should only start after the intro :grimacing: Any advice for me to export the song as hear it during playback ??? :grimacing:

It seems that I playback and recorded in session mode, but the export is in arrangement mode. But I don’t know how to align everything the proper way… and I have to send my fu@&)&€ing record ASAP while I had no time to discover the concepts behind live :cry:

I would like to be able too use Logic or Cubase with GP3 as well, so I’m going to keep following this thread to see if anyone else can get it happening, now that LPX has clips,I really don’t want to buy Live

Depending on what you need to do with Live, but I still find a lot of value using the free version of Live I got with my audio interface. I think it gets bundled with a lot of products.