Lock / Unlock

Since GP 4.7, we can lock or Unlock widget.
Is there a way to use this parameter in a script ?
Like SetWidgetHideOnPresentation for hide or unhide for exemple.

I am not aware of such a GP script function
What would be the use case for this?

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No it doesn’t exist, but what exactly would your use case be?

Based on this script, i want to switch 2 panel each containing a Knob volume for control a reverb send level and text label which return me the value of the reverb send.
For switching, not use a toggle switch but 2 red led.
If I click on red led 1, it’s the panel for piano reverb. Led 1 is lit, other switched off…
Same thing with led 2, panel synth appears instead of panel piano… led 2 is lit, switch off the led 1 etc… OK, all works fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now, it’s only for “graphic vision”.
If i’m on the 1st panel, my red led 1 is on. I can click again on this led 1, it doesn’t affect the panel of course but it switch off the led and I’d like it to stay lit.

If there was a function for that, ex (SetWidgetLockOnPresentation, true or false), it would simplify the code and write something like this :.

On WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from Led1
 If newValue == 1.0 then
    HideThem (synthPanel, pianoPanel)
    SetWidgetLockOnPresentation(Led1, true)

Some photos to illustrate my point :

Panel 1 (Reverb Piano)

Panel 2 (Reverb Synth)

Panel 1 (2 successive clicks :upside_down_face:)

I also could imagine a usecase where you could define a master lock switch to enable/disable different widgets…

I see your point, but is that really necessary when playing live?

Of course, no :wink:

I would vote for it - even if it would just be for consistency’s sake…
We can change the text, the font color, the position, the hide flag… so why not the lock/unlock option as well?

I see some nice panels there :slight_smile:

Maybe you can share them here? Shared rackspaces - Gig Performer Community

I would also like a SetWidgetLocked or similar. And YES, I would definitely use it live.

I’ve got a solo setup with a mixer. I would lock most settings and keep them off screen. That said, I might want to change the vocals level, or change the low frequency cut or shelf, if I get comments from listeners, but I want to do it intentionally, not accidentally.

You know how missile launch switches have covers that you have to lift before you access them? I want the same for some widgets in a live show.

My concept is to have an “Unlock 10s” switch next to a particular set of controls. Press it, and those Widgets are unlocked for ten seconds. I can make my adjustment, 10 seconds pass, and the Widgets are locked again.

Another use case is to script things so that everything is reset and locked when a Rackspace is loaded. I might unlock a bunch of stuff when I tweak the mix during rehearsals, but I don’t want to have to worry about forgetting to re-lock them. Let the script do it for the whole thing, panel by panel and widget by widget.

This is especially important due to scrolling. With a multi-panel rack, you can scroll down, but if the cursor ends up on a Widget that is unlocked, it will change the value of the widget. Ouch! Not what you want to happen when reviewing something just before a show starts!

So yeah, being able to script locking has many applications for live. It would let us determine exactly how much security we want, and would allow us to lock in batches, rather than one at a time, or everything/nothing.

I really like my idea of a temporary (5s? 10s?) unlock button for groups of widgets. I’d probably use it on everything. It would be part of my “Security Project”. :wink: