Loading very slow

I’l trying to open a 7Mo gig, but it’s very very slow opening.
I’m with few setlists…
Would you tell me please what to do ?
thanks a lot for your help.

how much?

Do you have plugins calling home when they are loaded? :thinking:

Was it always slow?
If so, what changed?
Is your internet enabled? If so, disable it, it not then enable it.

Had the same problem here.
Since internet and wlan is disabled before loading a gig, loading is very fast.
Seemed that some plugins tried to call at home.

In the past there was an issue with NI plugins when usage statistics have been enabled and wlan was active but internet was not accessible.

Still very slow. ( few minutes ) but the color wheel has hopefully disappeared.
I get more ram space now and closed few plugins… but it’s not sufficient.
is it better to use VST2 or VST 3 ? I use VST3. I have a lot of AFP and MFP (52x2) and few setlists(7) …is it the reason of the problems ?

I don’t know what to say - I asked some specific questions earlier which you haven’t answered so I’m not exactly sure how you are expecting us to be able to diagnose the problem

Sorry dhj and David, I replied, but don’t know why the answer wasn’t sent. I tried to open with, and without internet connection. ( it’s quite the same ) GP takes more than 15 minutes to open the session, with the colored wheel preventing me from working sometimes. I have only one plug in ( fresh air ) asking an internet connection ( calling home ?) I open GP I with the “the plugin scan” and “predictive load opening” disabled. It wasn’t so slow by the past, but I increased the number of song with a lot of AFP ( 52 songs in AIFF x 8 tracks & MFP ) when I open an empty session GP opens immediately. thanks for your help.

So you’re loading almost 500 audio files into memory if I understand correctly? Does that sound right or I missed something?


I would recommend to duplicate your gig-file (to save your work so far) and delete all the audio-fileplayers in the new one just to find out how much they influence your loading time.

If there is still delay in loading the gig your problem sits elsewhere.
If not…well think about djogon’s advice to use predictive loading.


Question to the developers out there:
What will happen if loading the gig will eat up all of your systems ram?
Will GP be crashing while loading or will it use a sort of pagefile to get all the stuff loaded?

15 minutes of loading time reminds me of a problem I faced a few years ago using a 3D visualization software. Loading Textures filled the PC-Ram. When reaching about 98% usage of ram the loadtime increased rapidly! Maybe a similar problem here.

That’s something i thought about too… maybe @Charrinho should check the overall RAM usage of the computer (showing a screenshot of this would be useful for everyone who is about to help here).

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it sounds right. no problem for the songs I launch. 10 minutes now to ope this big file

Capture d’écran 2022-08-04 à 13.44.57

it takes 18% of the processor, but when I see on GP it is noticed 10%. 15 go of memory. but I forgot to tell that there is also a lot lot of PDF → GP score pages… it’s certainly normal… my computer is from 2011. and apart the long time to open. for today it’s ok. I read that with setlist it wasn’t good to set the predictive loading…Now that the session is open ( without predictive load ) I can work easily. I’ll try to copy and delete som audio file and to export the setlists separatly to create session with less charge of memory

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Where did you read that?

sorry, it’s here, but not what I was writing. I’ll try again predictive loading with my setlists.