Livid guitar wing replacement

I’m using the livid guitar wing midi controller w tripleplay guitar synth. I use it to change song parts and songs in gigperformer. I’ve had problem with the power switch failing and the company doesn’t seem to be in business anymore.

I prefer a small wireless midi controller attached to the guitar so I can move around on stage. Is there another option?

Also considering using gpscript to turn a note into a cc code to provide the functions I use. Like a “G” on the 15th fret of the 6th string for next song part.

Has anyone done this? Or have a suggestion of a different hardware midi controller that is wireless and small enough to attach to the front of a guitar?

This device has a long thread from the creator on The Gear Page. It includes a small wireless controller that attaches to your pick guard.

Something like Midi Guitar 2 could be used to generate a midi note message that controls something in GP. But it won’t be as specific as understanding what string/fret was played.

Very interesting. Thanks for the info.

Very interesting indeed! Looks like some new products are coming soon:

My answer is off-topic because it doesn’t offer a wireless solution, but it does have the advantage of being simple, virtual and above all free (my priority because of my very limited budget).

My current stage performances don’t require me to move great distances on stage, but my guitar cable allows me to move about ten meters from my equipment.

I therefore use PizMIDI’s MidiNotesToCC plugin in GP. It is deprecated but still functional (available here ).

I assign the highest notes on my guitar (rarely used in MIDI) to the controllers of my choice.

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That’s a great idea. I was thinking about something like that in gpscript. Now I’m wondering if I can hit a specific note as quick as a big ole button. Probably a tap w right hand. Hopefully it doesn’t play the note.

Great idea, but it wouldn’t work for me. I bought a 24 fret guitar because I wanted to play higher! LOL now if I could separate that to execute only on the high notes on the low E string, that would work. However then I would be back to my piezzo or triple play midi pickup setup that separated each string, which I don’t have anymore and wanted to get away from.

I got rid of the TP because amazingly, midi guitar 2 glitches a lot less, and can use any guitar (without TP hardware).

I don’t see this as a problem: simply group widgets bypassing the MidiNotesToCC plugins and assign a single momentary footswitch to activate them at the precise time when necessary: I don’t think you need to trigger a MIDI event just at the moment when you play the triggering guitar notes.
It is just a matter of programmation related to the guitar range used in a specific song according to the time of the midi event. :wink:

Yes, that would work and is a nice solution as long as you’re by the foot controller. It is a very clever way to add additional controls without needing more hardware. However, for me, I was looking for a wireless solution that allows me to walk away from my foot controllers and still be able to switch sounds. With this band, sometimes we go down into the audience or walk across the stage to each other. But I still might implement this just for additional controls while I’m in my “spot”. That momentary footswitch that activates the note to CC, does it also mute your guitar momentarily?

Add a momentary widget for bypassing your guitar gain control in the same group .

But certainly, if you need to trigger a MIDI event just when you’re in the audience or away from your equipment, the only solution is wireless control if you only need switch controllers.

Personally, as I also play with expression pedals (wah, pitchshifter, audio/MIDI mix, etc.), I only step away from my floorboard when I don’t have to use them, as my instrument playing takes priority over my stage behaviour.

That’s funny! I like that! :slight_smile: Yes, I agree! But sometimes, “the show must go on” and dance with the audience or walk up to a bandmate trading solos back and forth. Its not easy being a (cheesy) rockstar! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: