Live Streaming Using Reaper ReaStream Plugin

Hello. I use Windows 10 and have been doing live streaming to Twitch/YT/FB using Studio One for effects. I have GP now and soon would like to add a midi controller to change effects.

To stream out audio from Studio One, I use the Reaper ReaStream plugin. It’s really easy to just drop the VST into the Master and send the output to OBS.

I’ve put the ReaStream plugin in GP an created a master fader to send to the plugin. I see audio input on the plugin in GP but when I check it in OBS there is no signal.

I don’t know if I’m routing this incorrectly or doing something else wrong. I would like to continue using the RS plugin for streaming but I guess if its not going to work I would appreciate other ideas. I’ve use the virtual cable for a different set up a few years ago. If I had to use that method again, what’s the best way to use that with GP?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @xhiron and welcome,

So it seems OK inside GP…

can you post a screenshot of GP?

What platform Windows? macOS?

Do you maybe have to press the “Play” button for that plugin to start to work?

Don’t know if this will help you, but here are some suggestions from this article:

No Sound in OBS?

If you’re not getting any sound in the ReaStream plugin in OBS, try these fixes.

  • Make sure OBS and your DAW both have the same sample rate set (44.1Khz or 48KHz)
  • Try a different input device in OBS.
  • In ReaStream in your DAW, replace * local broadcast with
  • Try changing the name of the ReaStream identifier in OBS and your DAW.