Live set up with laptop and master keyboard


Has anyone a simple set up live with a master keyboard and laptop, while standing , Hardware in my case is Nordstage 2, laptop, focusrite usb powered interface



Yes, sometimes.

Nord Stage 2
Moog Sub 37
Mac Book Pro

Most of the times I use the audio interface included in the Mo-XF so I have (one) master keyboard and the audio interface in one.

What’s the question? :slight_smile:



I’m too old to stand so I sit, but otherwise yes, I have such a setup for one band.



Where would u put the laptop?, I have a two tier, and need a piece of wood to situate the laptop on the second tier or another stand to lug around with the laptop. , sitting is simpler as I can use a bench but to look cool and stand , I guess a 2 tier will work



Do u put your laptop on an extension or seperate stand?



I have a 19" rack beside the keyboard in which lives my RME audio interface, my wifi network router, a Forman powerbox, and a bunch of USB hubs etc. My laptop sits on top of that rack – I don’t look at it when I’m on stage, do everything from iPads (see attached picture, I’m on the left)



It depends. When I’m playing jazz/funk/hiphop gigs I’m usually using only my Nord Stage 2 and the Mac Book Pro on a laptop stand (Bespeco LPS100):

Bad picture but works fine as I don’t look at it while playing:



That’s cool, i may get that, right now mine doesn’t look toooooo bad

Could u put a 1/2 rack I/0 on the smaller tray?



Currently live, I usually only use an Akai MPK88 controller on a two tier stand, and always stand while playing. I have a couple of different stands I use. Usually it’s a heavy duty “X style” stand or an Ultimate Support Apex stand. I sometimes will us a second keyboard though and want to keep the laptop in front of me, but off to the side a little.

When playing with one keyboard, I use the lid from a 6 space rack case that holds my rack mounted audio interface, power conditioner, line mixer and power amp, to hold my laptop on the upper tiers. I bring my own monitors and power amp to monitor my keys (hope to go in ear soon).

With two keybards in use, the laptop resides either behind or beside me, on top of the rack case. That case usually sits on top of my rolling tool box that holds my cords, pedals, mic, cable and voltage tester along with other assorted items.

The Ultimate Support Apex stand has a relatively new add-on that I’m interested in getting for my stand.

I’m thinking of adding this on top to replace the side mount mic boom. But also add an extension arm/plate off to the side to move the laptop from being directly in front of me. Still working out the particulars though.



Seems laptop better to side otherwise if it’s on top tier in the way of audience , , so ya a stand of some sort to the side seems best



I use a regular x-style stand, with these OnStage mounts/tray:

Much lower than usual 2nd-tier I used to have –



Whew!, looks ready to topple, the laptop one ,



I use laptop, 1 keyboard controller, and usb interface. I have setups.

  1. Ultimate support AX48 stand where laptop is on top tier (works really well).

  2. If i am using an X style stand for my keyboard, then I put my laptop on a music stand where the music stand is placed horizontally (like a mini table top).



Music stand risky for laptop ?, saw one flip on a guy, very disastrous



I always rest the edge of the music stand on top of my X style keyboard stand. This way, in case the stand starts to drop, there is something to “catch” it.

I also see that roland makes this which looks just like what I use except this has the latches to lock the laptop in place. And a music stand is significantly cheaper.



Mmm., I too have an X, 2 layer, but don’t want the laptop in front , more to the side